Planting trees with Apulanta

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Planting trees with Apulanta

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Planting trees with: We humans want to do good and remember. Planting trees is an age old tradition. We have planted trees for kings and queens, to remember people and respect life in general.

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Trees grow from me

Metsä Ry had an opportunity to collaborate with a finnish music group Apulanta to encourage people to plant trees. In July 2022 we gave away 200 000 birch seeds to people to sow the seeds and raise a birch for planting.
Sowing a birch seed and planting it somewhere may seem as an ordinary thing to do, but in fact it is way bigger than just a tree.

Birch — always a good idea

Birch tree when growing up can digest 0,904 t CO2/m3
Birch tree in Finland is a home for hundreds of species
Birch tree is a national tree of Finland. It is part of our heritage
Birch sap – the power drink of the forest
Birch leaves buds are the sign of spring
Artek furniture is made of birch!

But there is also critical reflections.
Birch drinks all the water from the ground and competes with other trees on light.
When old it can be dangerous to humans

Planting a tree is prohibited if you are not owning the land.
As you can see the downsides of planting a tree and birch are way less than positive. So therefore it is generally a good idea to sow birch seeds.
Conservations, forest industry and land owners we all love trees and forests. The means and expressions of love are different. But planting a tree is a good idea

Plant and share

“For us the nice boys from Apulanta forest is an important thing. That is why we want to donate the birch seeds to you. Do what you want with them, but we hope you end up planting them to a good ground. Maybe to a place that is important for you. The plant grows – and later the fearless tree – will remind you of this evening, the circle of life and the relativity of time. If you feel like sharing your story, use hashtag #minustakasvapuu. That way we all can celebrate together what came out of these seeds and where the trees ended up growing.”

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